OZ9 Pistol (9mm) Black Slide and Barrel

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Part: OZ9-STD-B-B
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Federally regulated product. Please contact ZEV Technologies at 805.486.5800 for purchasing information.
Entirely New!

ZEV Technologies’ first complete 9mm pistol with everything built entirely from the ground up by ZEV.

The O.Z-9 was designed and created for balance. It’s one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol. Balance equates to what every shooter is looking for; a more controllable pistol with less felt recoil, less muzzle flip and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

At the heart of the O.Z-9 is our pat. pending Steel Receiver. This solid steel frame runs the length of the entire pistol allowing the locking block to be fully integrated. The extended rails in the steel receiver help provide more than double the surface area of contact to the slide. Additional benefits include channels that clear out debris while also acting as lubricating reservoirs for high friction areas.

Having a singular component for the slide to travel along minimizes vibration and recoil energy by dispersing it along the receiver through the custom grip. A single take-down pin conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard locks the removable grip to the steel receiver.

By design, the trigger is housed in the steel receiver allowing for future grip upgrades without completely breaking down the pistol. Our improved grips have steeper angles, and forward hand position keeping the muzzle down, and pointing straighter.

The O.Z-9 is compatible with ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags, and will include future grip sizes, color, and texture options.

OZ9 Product Review

The O.Z-9 includes the following:
  • Chambered in 9mm
  • ZEV Exclusive O.Z-9 Signature Slide
  • ZEV Match Grade Barrel
  • ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger
  • ZEV O.Z-9 PRO Plus Magwell
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Custom SKB Case
  • Magpul PMAG® 17 GL9® - (Qty: 2)

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P. Dwire

by -

I think this is the best custom gun that I own. This gun has preformed above and beyond what I had with the Competition

J. Clary

by -

This handgun has it all - aesthetic design, function, perfect balance and feel, and accuracy. It’s a perfect blend that produces an exceptional firearm, at a very competitive price.

T. Hulsey

by -

I have been a ZEV customer for years and love their products for my Glocks. So happy to finally be able to own a true ZEV through and through! My expectations were surpassed and am very excited to see the modular options to come with this platform!

A. Gervasi

by -

ZEV has completely changed the way I look at pistols. The design is one of the best I have seen, the feel of it is completely balanced and smooth, and the opportunities to customize it are endless. This pistol is definitely worth the money, and I can’t wait to continue to build on it with optics, grips, and magazine customizations!

T. Mcdonald

by -

The OZ9 is by far the besting shooting, striker fired pistol I have ever shot. The 1911 grip angle, the longer steel rails and added weight up front make the OZ9 a softer/flatter shooting pistol with the already known reliability of ZEV. My OZ9 has taken it's place as one of my duty guns as a Texas Ranger.

T. McMullen

by -

I received my gun money back from the government and went out to buy a new G5 Glock MOS. The first shop didn't have the exact model I wanted, but it did have the Zev Tech OZ9 that immediately jumped out at me. Got a good feel on the gun and knew immediately had to try it until I saw the price tag. Headed to the other gun shop and on the way I started thinking, with all the customization that I'm going to put into a new glock I'm going to spend the same amount anyways, for pretty much the same thing. I got to the other shop, and there was the Zevtech again for even a little bit below MSRP. Immediately snatched it up and headed to the lanes to try it out. I really could not have one complaint on how the gun fired. Not one malfunction, shot beautifully, and the gun just stands out. Pictures do not do it justice at all. The modularity with the steel receiver is really what won it over for me. I am looking forward to being able to switch out to a glock 19 sized frame as soon as they come out. To be able to have one gun, and switch a frame like that is what we have all been waiting for. Thanks Zev Tech!

J. Palko

by -

At first I was hesistant on spending the money. But after handling the gun and pricing out what it would cost to have the same features at what is often with the OZ9. It was worth it. Besides the modularity of the frame and ability to change to other slides the most important thing to me was that the RMR cut co-witnesses with the sights on the gun. The gun shoots extremely flat and is very very well balanced in the hand. - Jimmy, NJ

W. Wolff

by -


W. Drepanis

by -

One of my favorite pistol by far. I’ve bought and sold over 100 pistols since I’ve been shooting and this is one that I will not be letting go. Everything from the magwell up has been though about by zev keeping the people in mind. Over the years hey have played a heavy roll in modifying Glocks and they just reinvented it from the ground up!

J.A. Lankford

by -

I am a long time fan of Zev products for upgrading my Glock handguns. I have always found their products top tier and the OZ9 expands that reputation. Excellent feel, very accurate, and just plain sexy! I am looking forward to seeing more options and maybe adding a second OZ9 to my collection.

C. Estep

by -

I am a average handgun shooter. The OZ9 is extremely well balanced and easy to shoot. Also performance is 100%. This is my first ZEV product and im sure there will be many more

S. Howerton

by -

Saw the OZ9 in a magazine when I was on vacation, and thought the idea of it was cool, but not to exciting. Went to a gun store a few weeks later to pick up a new handgun and saw the OZ9. Wasn’t to sure about it and asked the gentleman behind the counter to look at it. The minute it went into my hand, it was mine. The first, second, and third mag just punched a fist sized whole in the bullseye at 15 yards. Where I aim, the round goes, I can’t miss. This has turned into my favorite handgun and I can’t wait to push it hard and WILL be looking forward to future ZEV Products!! BEST HANDGUN MADE!

The best pistol I have ever owned


I absolutely love my OZ9. They best shooting out of the box pistol I have ever owned. It is truly a Custom pistol at semi custom pistol pricing.

Grade A Washington state product


Shoots just as good as it feels. 100% happy with it and I'm going to get another. Very smooth!



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