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Place of Origin: BOISE, IDAHO

Kolby Pavlock was born in Biose, Idaho and currently lives in Kuna, Idaho with his family. He started hunting at age 3 with his grandfather and father. Showing an interest in shooting, he started bird hunting at age 10, and continued at age 12 with big game hunting. Kolby started competitive shooting at the same time, competing in rim fire and 3-gun events. He then started shooting USPSA shortly after, and loves competing in all shooting categories, particularly USPSA and Steel Challenge. His competitive shooting started with a ZEV Glock 34 Prize Fighter build, and in USPSA shooting, he uses a ZEV Glock 24 Dragonfly build. Kolby made the switch from the 34 to the Glock 24 in 2015, where in 2016 he made Grand Master in limited.

Kolby is 18 years old and a freshman in college working on a degree in Machine Tool Technology. He's been machining for over 4 years, and enjoys working hard to maintain his 3.75 GPA despite his busy shooting schedule.

I shoot ZEV Tech because they are built with high quality materials. ZEV makes Glock triggers that are so smooth, so crisp with a clean break - and are fully adjustable. I am amazed by the quality of their parts all the way down to the connectors and springs. I love shooting ZEV Tech on my Glocks.