OZ9 Standard Size Grip Kit, Black

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Modify your O.Z-9 with standard size grip kits available in Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray. Easily customize the look of your O.Z-9 with a different colored grip. Simply remove the take-down pin, install the new grip and reinstall the take-down pin. No need to remove the trigger. Ready to install out of the box.


  • Ready to install out of the box
  • ZEV Gen4 Magazine Release installed
  • Take-down pin included


  • Grip
  • Takdown pin and spring
  • 4th gen mag release and spring
  • Box



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This is a true innovation!!!

This is what we have been waiting for a very long time... The grip is exceptional, the texture is perfect. The polymer is significantly harder than that of a Glock. We will have to see if it is more brittle after I have dropped it a few times but I sense it will be just a durable as the Glock's grip. I love the grip angle and plan on getting the 19 size grip module in the next couple of weeks as well.
<br>In my opinion this is the Glock format for the future, I have been shooting Glocks since 1987 and this is the first time I will be moving to a new firearm in over 30 years... ZEV congratulations on a great new handgun. Thanks