OZ9c Elite Hyper-Comp Pistol, Compact Black Slide, Bronze Barrel

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Due to high demand, lead times are averaging 90-120 days

The O.Z-9C Hyper-comp brings the benefits of a compensator to the popular compact platform without adding any extra length or mass.

The Hyper-comp features four tapered vertical ports integrated into the top of the barrel that vents gases upward to reduce muzzle rise, creating one of the flattest shooting compacts available.

Hyper-Comp used by permission of High Performance Firearms LLC.


  • The slide has a top channel cut-out that extends to the front of the barrel opening, allowing the front sight to be pinned directly to the barrel, making it easier to track the sight during recoil as it does not reciprocate with the slide. This unique ported barrel design allows for easy barrel disassembly for cleaning and maintenance that compensated guns typically need, without having to remove a compensator
  • The O.Z-9 was designed and created for balance. It's one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol. Balance equates to what every shooter is looking for a more controllable pistol with less felt recoil, less muzzle flip and faster, more accurate follow-up shots
  • At the heart of the O.Z-9 is our pat. pending Steel Receiver. This solid steel frame runs the length of the entire pistol allowing the locking block to be fully integrated. The extended rails in the steel receiver help provide more than double the surface area of contact to the slide. Additional benefits include channels that clear out debris while also acting as lubricating reservoirs for high friction areas.
  • Having a singular component for the slide to travel along minimizes vibration and recoil energy by dispersing it along the receiver through the custom grip. A single take-down pin conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard locks the removable grip to the steel receiver.
  • By design, the trigger is housed in the steel receiver allowing for future grip upgrades without completely breaking down the pistol. Our improved grips have steeper angles, and forward hand position keeping the muzzle down, and pointing straighter.
  • Additional grip sizes and colors, different length conversion slides, and multiple sized magwells are available to facilitate further customization by end-users. The O.Z-9C is compatible with ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags.
  • Slide features ZEV’s patented RMR cut which enables the installation of red dot sights using an RMR footprint.
  • NOTE: Compact O.Z-9 specific parts (slide, barrel, grip) are not compatible nor interchangeable with the Standard O.Z-9.


  • ZEV Exclusive O.Z-9C Compact Hyper-comp Slide
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Compact Grip - BLACK
  • ZEV Optimized Match Grade Ported Barrel
  • ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger - RED/BLACK
  • ZEV O.Z-9 PRO Magwell
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Custom SKB Case
  • Magpul PMAG 15 GL9 - Qty: 2




Pull Weight
4.5 lbs
2 kg
OZ9 Size Family

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100 percent worth every penny

I have always loved zev tech stuff but this takes it up a few notches in my opinion. This is the flattest shooting, well balanced, compact Glock type pistol I have ever owned. In many ways the trigger, improved accuracy, and balance is what Glock should have made for an upgraded civilian edc. With 15 rounds+1 I feel very confident I could neutralize the threat at hand. Zev outdid themselves with fit and finish. Overall I would highly recommend

Best ever

This is absolutely the greatest gun I've ever shot. I've been a firearms instructor for over 10. I've put 1k rounds through it and it is so smooth. 4 other SWAT guys shot it and they absolutely loved it. The trigger is amazing. I am able to bet back on target faster than ever before. I will be buying another.

She bangs, she bangs so soft, so flat.

Put a solid 300rnds through my Zev Hypercomp today, and all I can say is this thing is t*tties.
<br>This is the flattest shooting Glock I’ve been able to get my hands on. I’m no pro shooter, I’m descent-ish, and I have some experience with comped glocks, but this thing takes the whole shebang. I’m still rocking the stock configuration, with an added red dot. If you like running comped pistols, don’t waste your money, and add an inch or more to your Glock, save your cash and buy the Hypercomp, it’s worth it. Your buddies will hate you for out shooting them, over, and over.
<br>Pros- shoots flat, shoots flatter than flat. Very accurate! It’s extremely comfortable in the hand, and felt recoil is minimal. The trigger, crisp.
<br>Cons - the front sight post. It’s blank, I HATE it. Would like an option to add at least add a dot of some sort. The guide rod and extractor plunger I would have like color matched to the barrel, for aesthetics.
<br>Overall, it’s AMAZING. Thank you Zev!

Best Polymer GUN

Best of the best, I have Czs, Glocks modified and Walthers and Zev Made the best Polymer gun, the OZ9c has no recoil, It is a little heavy, but just 3oz, not a big deal. Great Job, Great GUN. The grip is really nice. Aiming Down is more natural than Glokcs. The only bad thing that I can tell, is the front sight, it needs some color in order to aim faster or easier.

My favorite pistol

It's great! It will be one of my favorite pistols. I equipped it with gray and FDE grip modules. It is very convenient to replace the control unit. I think I have 3 pistols of different colors.

A Best Designed “Fit-Form-Functional” Pistol Ever!

Best designed Fit-Form-Functional Pistol Ever!
<br>Are you searching for the best of the best pistol which delivers accuracy, repeatability for target practice, or tactical competition then look no further! This Zev OZ9 Hypert is meant for you!
<br>It will make you happy not only because of its cool appearance but because it will help you consistently hit the target with high accuracy and high repeatability. It was well designed, fabricated to including many good functionality other pistols have. Don’t let it’s price discourage you! You rather have one fine gun then many guns!
<br>Enjoy and have fun at the ranch.


I am not a Glock guy. In fact, I have resisted purchasing a Glock for the entire time I’ve been shooting. I can legitimately claim that I have shot a Glock maybe three times. I am, however, a Zev fan. I replaced my fairly Gucci Sig Sauer P365 XL for the Zev Z365 XL as my EDC and love it.
<br> As a Glock-based custom platform the OZ9c Hyper Comp addresses all the problems I would have with a Glock and created an island compensator in a very unique way. I shoot a Nighthawk Firehawk and Staccato XC, both with island comps, and the compensation feels similar. The gun is comfortable in the hand and smooth to shoot. And it’s looks are striking.
<br>Still not a Glock guy. But definitely a Zev guy.

Great Gun

This is a great shooting pistol!