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The Core Elite AR15 pistols are descended from the legendary Mega Arms. Sharing the same designers but with a ZEV spin on aesthetics, you’ll find these AR15 pistols with the 10.5 inch barrel offer incredible accuracy and reliability.

We manufacture our AR15 pistols using the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art processes for machining and coating, and rigid standards for quality and finish work. Using best-in-class components each AR pistol is assembled and tested in-house by our expert gunsmiths resulting in a light weight, versatile, and high performance firearm. Designed and manufactured in Centralia WA.

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Shoots fireballs, bada$$ as all hell.

This AR pistol is absolutely phenomenal. I mean, this is the type of firearm you bring to a range and even the RO’s want to check it out! I’ve fired many AR’s, as most of you reading this. This is by far, the best complete AR pistol you can buy. You want an SBR? Want to avoid the bs? Buy this. Everything is fine-tuned and absolutely top end. I love this thing, and it shoots fireballs. I strongly recommend any Zev product, but this lil fella right here is a sure bet. Do it.


Love this rifle/pistol. It performs so smooth with very little kick does not knock you off target. Trigger is so nice very little slack it is right there for the next shot.

Best AR Pistol

Very happy with my purchase, I received it faster then 120days so I was super happy about that it came with a Magpul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 .223/5.56 30-Round Magazine. Over all customer service is Superb, can’t wait for Leopold Delta Pro Optic to arrive and then I’m all set. Would definitely recommend Zev can’t wait for my next purchase it will definitely be from ZevTech. Thanks

Wow, Just Beautiful

Zev AR15 hands down is not only beautiful, it feels good, Top quality fit and finish. Low recoil. Trigger is super smooth and light. I definitely recommend Zev can’t wait to purchase OZ9C HYPER-COMP PISTOL, COMPACT BLACK SLIDE, BRONZE BARREL!!!

One of the best off-the-shelf AR pistols you'll find

Everything about this AR pistol is top of the line. The tight tolerances. The insanely crisp and fast trigger. The reliability of shooting all different kinds of ammo including steel case and knowing it'll run every time. The black type III class 2 hard coat anodize is such a smooth substantially strong coating. You have to feel it to know what it's about. This is my first ZEV product and won't be my last. Yes like everyone else has stated, it shoots mad fireballs. AWESOME

Excellent AR pistol

This is an extremely good looking firearm, but also a great shooter. It has very little perceived recoil with almost no muzzle rise. Smooth trigger press with quick reset. At around 6 pounds it feels very light and nimble. First time I took it for a spin I shot around 60 rounds and never felt the handguard get hot (it barely got warm). Not a fan of the charging handle, but I don’t hate it either. Brace feels comfortable on the shoulder. Highly recommended. Did I mention already that this is a beautiful looking firearm? That bronze colored barrel is 🤤