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The Core Elite AR15 pistols are descended from the legendary Mega Arms. Sharing the same designers but with a ZEV spin on aesthetics, you’ll find these AR15 pistols with the 10.5 inch barrel offer incredible accuracy and reliability.

We manufacture our AR15 pistols using the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art processes for machining and coating, and rigid standards for quality and finish work. Using best-in-class components each AR pistol is assembled and tested in-house by our expert gunsmiths resulting in a light weight, versatile, and high performance firearm. Designed and manufactured in Centralia WA.

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Awesome AR pistol. The fit and finish is amazing. The pistol performs as good as it looks. The trigger is nice, clean, and crisp. The bronze barrel with gold trigger give it such a nice touch. This is one AR you will never regret having. Thanks ZEV!

Totally Awesome!!!!

Own OZ9. Looking Forward to Zev AR Pistol. Zev is Guns Done Right!!!!

Head Turner at the range - especially indoors

Zev selected some of the most high quality add-ons for this pistol, leaving a ton of room for modifications (not improvements*, because they nailed it with this). First off, the trigger is impeccable, whenever allowing a friend to try it out it’s the first thing they mention. Indoors, this thing is LOUD. I mean head turning loud, but it’s not just the noise that gets attention. The beautiful barrel is such a unique touch hidden behind the hand guard that really makes this stand out. I’ve put maybe 3-4k rounds through this, zero malfunctions with the upmost basic of maintenance. The only failure I’ve had is the battery dying on the EOTECH fastened to the top of it. This is hands down, one of the best factory assembled AR pistols on the market. Incredibly accurate, reliably consistent, and a high quality fit and finish; regardless of usage or age. 10/10 recommend. Great job,

Compact, High Efficiency Tack Driver

I brought a few of my police weapons specialists buddies out to the range today for us to try out my new Zev 556 AR Pistol.
<br>I cannot say enough about what we experienced with this precsion machine. I believe the 4 of us had grinns like a Cheshire Cat, and couldn't get enough turns plinking the steel targets.
<br>This weapon is a high performance tack driver on steroids.
<br>All components have either been specially designed or carefully chosen to make the end product what it is.
<br>Out of all the tools in my cabinet, this by far is the sharpest.
<br>I think all of us experiencing the performance of this machine today can agree that Zev builds one of the top contenders for this type weapon in the industry, and at it's price point, can't be beat.
<br>P. Ruiz

Super solid pistol

This “pistol” is so bad ass. All of the parts zev tech used to construct this platform are great. I have friends who’ve bought other pistols and put more money into their platforms to equal what this one is out of the box. I’ve only put 160rds through it but I can tell I’m going to love adding to it!

Awesome gun!!!

This was my first AR pistol purchase and holy crap this gun is amazing. Super fun to shoot! I have friends who’ve bought other brands and built it up and this gun comes with everything you could want in a top line ar pistol. Add optics, light, grip and you’re ready to go!!!