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The Core Elite 16 inch AR rifle is descended from the legendary Mega Arms. Sharing the same designers but with a ZEV spin on aesthetics, you’ll find these AR15 rifles featuring a bronze 16 inch AR15 barrel offer incredible accuracy and reliability.

We manufacture our AR15 rifles using the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art processes for machining and coating, and rigid standards for quality and finish work. Using best-in-class components each AR15 is assembled and tested in-house by our expert gunsmiths resulting in a light weight, versatile, and high performance firearm. Designed and manufactured in Centralia WA.

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Core Elite is 10/10

Incredible value found in this exception rifle. All materials feel and work top notch, and the barrel is an absolute looker. Zev brought their hand gun A game and applied it to a rifle to which I am stoked on!

awesome AR

Just a piece of art, beautiful and most important reliable

Solid performance!

A solid performer, no mall-functions, shoots tight , recoil is none existing , build quality is superb and the new ZEV muzzle gives it a pleasant sound ( not as sharp/snappy ) that makes it’s more an pleasure to shoot! And it looks great

Mag AR-15 Core Elite

This thing is accurate!!!

I did some long distance shooting this last week and brought my ZEV Technologies Core Elite with me as well. I always thought it was a solid rifle, but figured I’d test it out while I was there. I was blown away at the accuracy of it with sub MOA results even out to 1,100 yards, which floored me seeing a .223 round go that far. I never thought I can use an AR-15 for long range shooting, but I can with my Core Elite.

Amazing Rifle

This rifle is simply amazing. Right out of rhe box it had perfect balance, lightweight (comparatively), a rock solid trigger (ATC Gold) and is dead on accurate. Right feom the get go, after following the barrel break on recommendations, I was able to shoot 1.5 - 2 inch groupings at 25 yard with iron sights. Can't wait to get my red dot on it and see how much better it shoots. Super fun to shoot. Like Ballistics Magazine said, this is the best gun. Hands down in my opinion.

Tackdriver, sleek AF

Was on the fence about the Zev elite because of the limited reviews and the price. All the reviews I could find were glowing, but still not a very common AR. I'm glad I rolled the die, this gun is more accurate than I am.

Premium Rifle for an excellent price!!

I have the core elite rifle, and I love the way this rifle looks and performs.The core elile rifle has a great build quality, and feels superb in my hand. This gun shoots lights out, and is a tackdriver on the range. Double taps are easy with this rifle. With the tame recoil, getting back on target is very easy to do.This will be my competition rifle for 3 gun and 2 gun matches. I cannot wait for this years matches to start, so I can have some fun on the range. The trigger is great and it feels like my Timney trigger on my other rifle. I have it paired with a Swampfox Tomahawk LVPO and it is on point.