ZEV AR15 Core Elite Rifle, 5.56 NATO, 16 Inch AR15 Barrel

SKU: AR15-CE-556-16-B
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The Core Elite 16 inch AR rifle is descended from the legendary Mega Arms. Sharing the same designers but with a ZEV spin on aesthetics, you’ll find these AR15 rifles featuring a bronze 16 inch AR15 barrel offer incredible accuracy and reliability.

We manufacture our AR15 rifles using the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art processes for machining and coating, and rigid standards for quality and finish work. Using best-in-class components each AR15 is assembled and tested in-house by our expert gunsmiths resulting in a light weight, versatile, and high performance firearm. Designed and manufactured in Centralia WA.

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Core Elite is 10/10

Incredible value found in this exception rifle. All materials feel and work top notch, and the barrel is an absolute looker. Zev brought their hand gun A game and applied it to a rifle to which I am stoked on!

awesome AR

Just a piece of art, beautiful and most important reliable

Solid performance!

A solid performer, no mall-functions, shoots tight , recoil is none existing , build quality is superb and the new ZEV muzzle gives it a pleasant sound ( not as sharp/snappy ) that makes it’s more an pleasure to shoot! And it looks great

Mag AR-15 Core Elite

This thing is accurate!!!

I did some long distance shooting this last week and brought my ZEV Technologies Core Elite with me as well. I always thought it was a solid rifle, but figured I’d test it out while I was there. I was blown away at the accuracy of it with sub MOA results even out to 1,100 yards, which floored me seeing a .223 round go that far. I never thought I can use an AR-15 for long range shooting, but I can with my Core Elite.