ZEV PRO Compact One Piece Magwell for Glock Gen5

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Designed for the professional shooter that is looking to enhance the look and performance of their Gen5 Glock

The one piece design facilitates easy installation and utilizes a single attachment screw to securely mount to the Glock frame while retaining a low profile.The ZEV PRO Magwell was designed and tested for compatibility with standard capacity factory magazines.


  • The mag-well is slightly flared at the base to be wider than the stock opening, which is ideal for quickly inserting the magazine in the pistol during reloads helping build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and reload time
  • NOTE: Back straps may need to be modified if used.


  • Glock 19 (5th Gen)
  • Glock 23 (5th Gen)


6061 Aluminum

Ratings & Reviews

Perfection as our lord and savior Gaston intended it

Bought this for my gen fif and was not disappointed.


Bought this immediately when I saw the ad. Perfect on my 19.5, makes both grip and reload better.

Covers the Gen 5 cutout.

Have this on my gen 5 19. One the the biggest reasons i purchased was that this magwell completely covers the stupid cutout at the bottom of the grip.

Only for Gen5 G19

It doesn’t say anywhere else so I’ll say it for them. This will only fit Gen 5 Glock 19. Not for use on G26, G19X, G17, and G34 models. Other than that it looks and feels nice. I just can’t use it on what I bought it for.

Some magazine compatibility issues

A nice magwell with some limitations on magazines. This will not work with Vickers base pads as the mouth does not allow the mags to fully seat. Additionally Taran base pad knob will also hit the mag well. Last I found that the mag well adds a little front friction when using magpul magazines. This works fine with factory glock mags which arguably is the standard mag. Nice machining, snug fit but not perfect for me sadly.

Exactly as expected.

So glad I got it. It covers the half moon, and the lip on the front is nice to further keep my hand in place. I'm really glad that I got it! Very well quality made and fits seamlessly.

Not sure.

If you have big hands this may not be a good fit for you. It crowds my fingers on the gun, my pinkie finger sticks out just as the magwell is shaped because there’s no room left. I have other magwell products where all 4 fingers fit just fine on the grip and the magwell flare doesn’t start until after the pinkie finger placement, that’s what I really need. Altering your grip because of crowding isn’t good for training.