ZEV Starter Spring Kit - Pro

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The ZEV professional starter spring kit provides a lighter and smoother trigger pull with a positive reset for your Glock® by combining our popular competition spring kit with the all-new ZEV pro connector. The ZEV competition spring kit contains a heavy trigger spring (heavier is better, as it assists with trigger pull), a reduced power firing pin spring, and a reduced power firing pin safety spring. The ZEV pro connector was engineered to provide users with a consistent, positive reset and a reduction in trigger pull weight without sacrificing the reliability or safety of your pistol.

NOTE: This item is not compatible with Gen5, G42 or G43 Glock Models.




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6.5lbs to less than 4lbs

Stock Gen 4 17. Trigger ~6.5lbs, installed this kit measures 3lb 14oz with Lyman guage 5 pull average.

Smooth, no bite, clean reset

This kit has made a world of difference with my Glock 30SF. Smooth, no bite, clean reset.

Light and crisp

Installed in Gen3 Glock 19. Don’t have a trigger gauge, but it is noticeably lighter with this kit installed. Maintains the Glock trigger feel while reducing pull weight. Would buy another for my Gen5s if the kits were available.