ZEV Z320 XCarry Octane Gunmod with RMR Optic Cut, Gray Slide, Black Barrel

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The Z320 XCarry gun-mods come standard with an SIG Flat Faced Trigger, Octane Slide with Trijicon RMR compatibility, PRO Barrel and Zev's fiber optic Combat Sights.

The Octane slide was designed by founder Al Wolf and is the perfect storm of purpose driven features. From the modern lines to the channels on the top of the slide, The Octane is just hard to not look at.

Aggressive slide serrations help with manipulations and create a lighter slide, allowing the pistol to shoot flatter and maintain sight picture more easily during follow up shots.

When performing manipulations, the edges and angle of the cocking serrations actually drive the fingers further into the slide to produce a better purchase. Regardless of the environment, you'll find the grip of the Octane to be more than adequate.

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It will be nice if you add the caliber. Im guesing is 9mm only because the mag capacity.

So close to perfect it is a shame I can’t say, “Perfect”.

The Gunshop at the range had just gotten these in, LITERALLY JUST. I loved the look, and the feel in my hand, I have oddy-body hands so most pistols don’t fit right this one did. So I bought it broke it down, cleaned it up, lubed it up, and ran some rounds thru it, FLAWLESS. Great impulse, great trigger, incredibly manageable recoil. Wonderful in every way... except... the sites. 1. If the pistol is designed for an optic, shouldn’t it come with tallboys? And 2. This was the first fiberoptic front site I have ever shot.. I found it to be crap. Unless outside or a light directly over the pistol the optic had little to no glow and seemed to be simply a dull red lollipop at the front of the pistol. I replaced the sites with Triji the next day and fixed what I currently feel is the only flaw on the pistol.


By far the best handgun ever owned. Feels great, shoots great, extremely accurate. Take down lever was a bit rough besides that everything else functions perfect first 1000 shots no misfires.

Nice compact with full size grip

Love this pistol. The full size grip makes it fun to shoot. Conceals good with iwb holster with wing. Nothing really to upgrade on it. It’s ready to go out the box.

Amazing pistol with great performance

I recently purchased this pistol for daily open carry and used it for my CCW permit class. Extremely accurate and reliable since the first shot. Scored the highest in my CCW class and achieved a Level 3 Marksmanship rating by the NRA. So how accurate is this pistol? I was consistently hitting a 1 foot diameter iron plate target at 100 meters with almost no drop whatsoever. I'm running a Streamlight TLR-8A and Holosun HS507C ACSS Vulcan red dot with this pistol. May also install a Zev Tech Pro magwell later as it doesn't come with one. The only 'bad' I would forewarn potential owners is that this gun does not 'like' steel rounds and malfunctioned multiple times. However, it had no issues whatsoever with 115 and 147 grain brass rounds all day with no malfunctions whatsoever. If you want a high quality gun and very few compromises for the right price, Zev Tech has got you covered.

Sight issue

The gun is outstanding I love the look feel and how smooth it is. First costume slide and barrel and not disappointed. Only issue I have with it is the front sight is not centered it is to the right just enough to throw my shots left of where I’m aiming and the fiber fell out after 2 mags of 17 rounds I’m not impressed with the zev sights. Other then that it’s a good gun

Have one love it

Love my ZEV P320 X CARRY its a great a gun, now does anybody know or maybe ZEV can help, what red dot fits my ZEV P320 X Carry?

Can't Stop Grinning

So, was looking at the XCarry and decided to upgrade to the Octane... boy am I happy with the decision. Simply an awesome looking, fun-to-shoot P320. I couldn't wait to get to the range and then I didn't want to leave after shooting quite a few rounds... Was a ton of fun to shoot, highly accurate, and not a single failure out of the box. Love it!


Just got this gun today, set up my trijicon rmr that fits absolutely perfect on it. I wanted to bring up the fact that some of the 4 start reviews say it needs higher sights with the rmr. The sights are literally the perfect height. They sit about an eighth of an inch above the rmr base which makes it super easy to line up rear and front sight without impeding too far into the rmr glass. This version of the p320 is elegant and honestly one of the best handguns I've ever put my hand on. Zev does magical work and im stoked they've ventured into the sig world. Thank you zev for this wonderful craftsmanship.