ZEV Z320 XCompact Octane Gunmod with RMR Optic Cut, Gray Slide, Black Barrel

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The Z320 XCompact gun-mods come standard with a SIG Flat Faced Trigger, Octane Slide with Trijicon RMR compatibility, PRO Barrel and Zev's fiber optic Combat Sights.

The Octane slide was designed by founder Al Wolf and is the perfect storm of purpose driven features. From the modern lines to the channels on the top of the slide, The Octane is just hard to not look at.

Aggressive slide serrations help with manipulations and create a lighter slide, allowing the pistol to shoot flatter and maintain sight picture more easily during follow up shots.

When performing manipulations, the edges and angle of the cocking serrations actually drive the fingers further into the slide to produce a better purchase. Regardless of the environment, you'll find the grip of the Octane to be more than adequate.

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buy now!!!!!!! the best pistol

very good looks very good i love a shoot perfect

Very impressed with this gun

The Zev Z320 XComp feels GREAT in my hands. Well balanced and light enough for EDC yet it has enough weight to reduce recoil significantly and make re-acquire the target very fast and fluid. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Buy it

Unbelievable compact carry gun. One of the best decisions on a CCW gun. Shoots great!
<br>Hands down a superior product! Thanks ZEV!
<br>God bless

Loving my New Zev320

Im a sig Sauer gun fanatic. When Zev and Sig Sauer announce they were going to build some guns together , I had to get one. Just got my the Zev320 and loving it.

Simply amazing!!

I am a huge Sig fan and have owned an Xcarry for years and love it. I was in the market for a new handgun and fell in love with this firearm from the first sight. The slide is dark then pictured and that made me even happier! Put 400 rounds through it today with no issues and coupled with the holosun 507c-x2 it makes the perfect pair!


I don't write many reviews but when I do that means that it was warranted. What can I say! Its fantastic and let me tell you why. This gun is extremely accurate because one, the grip is tight! Your grip is locked in. The fiber optic sight is great! I bought the x carry and liked it so much I bought the x compact. Went to the range and shot both. Both did wonderfully! Not much of a difference. Only two differences you can hardly see. One, the handle grip and two, the slide length. 17 round clip vs. a 15 round clip. Not to mention, these guns look awesome! Spend and little more for a good looking quality firearm. You won't be disappointed with this one.

Off the chain

I Have been a fan of sig for many years and as most know they make awesome weapons zev took the the already great p320 and ramped it up a 100 notches this octane is a beast I paired mine with a tru glo optic and at 25-30 yards this thing slings hole in hole groups. Don’t hesitate this is one side arm you won’t regret purchasing. Thank you to zev and sig great job!

Smooth as Cream and Looking Good Billy Rae

I fell head over heals as soon as I felt it in my hand. The craftsmanship and action of the firearm is OUTSTANDING. It was a "I GOT's to Have It Moment", especially when it was staring me down, saying,.... WELL BUY ME or GO HOME CRYING! I am totally impressed with my ZEV Z320, as they have elevated my new CCW Buddy into a masterpiece of PURE ENJOYMENT. Yeee Hawww! :-)

Just love it

Very easy to manipulate, feels so comfortable in your hand and is very certain.

Absolutely perfect

This is absolutely one of the finest carry guns made! Size, grip frame, trigger. .. just plain amazing! You will not be disappointed!