ZEV PRO Connector Upgrade

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Due to high demand, lead times are averaging up to 60 days

After two years of development and tens of thousands of rounds of testing, ZEV is proud to release the all-new PRO connector. Engineered to provide users with a consistent, positive reset and a reduction in trigger pull weight without sacrificing the reliability or safety of your pistol. Whether used in conjunction with a ZEV trigger or with your stock Glock trigger, the PRO connector will provide a noticeable increase in performance and is ready to drop-in and use straight from ZEV, no fitting or polishing required.


  • The ZEV pro connector on average will deliver a 15% reduction in trigger pull weight from a stock Glock trigger
  • Note: this item is not compatible with the Slimline Glock models (G42, G43, G43X, and G48)


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Just received a new Pro Connector from Zev. Wow what service. I had no idea it was coming. I had contacted Zev in early 2017 because of a rough trigger pull on my Glock 20. I had earlier put a Zev trigger in the firearm. They replaced a couple parts they thought might be causing the rougness. That helped some but not completely. I thanked them for trying. Then almost a year later I receive the Pro Connector.
<br>That my friends is FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.


I am now in Florida and will not be able to install the PRO until I return home. I will submit another review after that

Great trigger feel!!

I have a gen 4 19c. I have purchased just about every connector out there including the Zev v4. What I'm looking for is a decently light trigger pull with a good wall on the take up. What I've found is most with a good wall are equal to pull weight of the stock trigger. If the connector has a lighter pull they often don't have the wall leaving the feel very mushy. This connector seems to fit the bill very nicely. It has a nice firm wall on the take up as well as one of the smoothest breaks I have felt. When I measured the pull I got a pull weight of 3lbs 14oz. I am not using a stock trigger or spring kit but I am using a stock striker spring. It would be perfect with a tad shorter reset. I'd be super interested in trying this in combination with the new pro trigger.

Like fu**ing butter

I have a Timney trigger in my Glock 19 and had a OEM connector. Great pull but I wanted it better so I went with zev. It just came in and ohhh man is it nice. Definitely a must have