ZEV Tech Pro One Piece Magwell for Gen 5 Glock

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The ZEV Technologies PRO Plus Magwell was designed for the professional shooter that is looking to enhance the look and performance of their Gen 5 Glock. The one piece design facilitates easy installation and utilizes a single attachment screw to securely mount to the Glock frame while retaining a low profile.

The ZEV Pro Plus Magwell was designed and tested for compatibility with standard capacity factory magazines as well as magazines fitted with ZEV basepad magazine extensions. It also incorporates a pass-through hole at the back for lanyard retention.


  • The mag-well is slightly flared at the base to be wider than the stock opening, which is ideal for quickly inserting the magazine in the pistol during reloads helping build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and reload time
  • NOTE: Back straps may need to be modified if used.
  • NOTE: This product fits Gen5 G17 and G34 frames both with and without the half-moon magwell cut out. This product also fits the G45


  • Once-Piece Magwell
  • Mounting Screw
  • Wrench


  • Glock 17 (5th Gen)
  • Glock 34 (5th Gen)


6061 Aluminum

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Excellent magwel

Shipping was fast; a little over two days. Fits the 17 gen 5 very naturally so I tried it on my 19 gen 5 and zev is correct (to be expected) about it only working on the 17 frame it seems to be too tight for the 19 in certain areas as the mags do not drop free. I hope to see a matching magwell for my 19 gen 5 in the future.

Flawless Magwell

This Magwell allowed me to have a much more firm grip on my G17 and it makes the gun look cleaner. Awesome product and flawless design! Just waiting on those Gen 5 slides Zev!

Flawless Magwell

This Magwell allowed me to have a much more firm grip on my G17 and it makes the gun look cleaner. Awesome product and flawless design! Just waiting on those Gen 5 slides Zev!


Being an LEO I'm a gun and gear guy. That being said, I'm an LEO and am far from rich so I pretty much have to justify my purchases to my fiance who is also a cop. Let me just say this....buy this magwell. I think I got it for $115 shipped and it's easily worth every penny. I've practiced reloading for hours with this thing and there is a huge difference in the factory gen 5 "flared" magwell with this thing. In a job where seconds count and gear can mean going home or never seeing my daughter again, I can say that I highly recommended this. I'll admit at first I hadn't heard anything from Zev Tech regarding my shipment for almost a month and I was pretty disappointed....however after being contacted by customer service and them telling me (in a nice way) that I'm an idiot and messed up my billing address, I had this thing in my hands 4 days later on the east coast. Zev Tech you have impressed me and I will be buying one of these for my fiance for her to use on duty.

Quality Product

I love the look and feel, and it goes well with my Zev Tech +5 base plates. The only issue I have is it does not fit with the Glock back strap installed. I had to cut the bottom of my medium back strap off and then put grip tape on to keep it down so I could use this magwell. Zev Tech should change their note in the product info to "Back straps WILL need to be modified."

Fantastic products all around.

Love my magwell. Had a bit of sticker shock. But after using it it's worth every penny. Way faster reloads. Even if you hit it at a hard angel the magazine still finds its way home. Plus it looks super sweet. As we all know looking cool is the most important part!


The ZEV pro magwell definitely speeds up reloads and conceals very well. This is the only aftermarket item on my glock 19 gen 5.

Doesn’t allow for proper magazine drop

Easy to install, looks and feels great allowing for a greater grip on my Glock 19. My issue is that it creates pressure in the mag well compressing the magazine not allowing gravity to drop the mag upon release.