ZEV Technologies Glock Magazine Basepad, Black

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Due to high demand, lead times are averaging 10-60 days

Spawned from engineering talks during the Magpul modeled Glock® magazine basepad development, we decided to round out the ZEV Technologies catalog of innovative products with an extended base pad for the standard capacity Glock magazine.

Our 3-piece design is easy to reassemble onto the magazine, and can be easily disassembled for cleaning without losing any parts

Zev Technologies© will not ship any of these items to individuals living within the state of California.


  • Basepad assembly (3 pieces)
  • Basepad Baseplate
  • Extra power magazine spring


  • Glock 17 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 17 (4th Gen)
  • Glock 17 (5th Gen)
  • Glock 17C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 17L (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 22 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 22 (4th Gen)
  • Glock 22C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 24 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 24C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 31 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 31 (4th Gen)
  • Glock 31C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 34 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 34 (4th Gen)
  • Glock 34 (5th Gen)
  • Glock 35 (1st - 3rd Gen)


Black Type III Hard Anodize

Ratings & Reviews

Flawless operation

I ordered one of these for my G35, and it has rub flawlessly. I have put about 500 rounds through the mag with this extension and one with a cheeper extension. The cheeper one failed and shot off the mag. This one keeps on keepin on.
<br>I will be ordering several more for my G35 as well as trying out the PMAG extension for my G34.

Good stuff just one complaint.

I like the quality of these base pads. I bought 4 of them for my Glock 22. Says its plus 4 for 40 caliber. I was only able to add two more rounds. 17 rounds is pretty good. I got them because of the plus 4. Well other than that I have no complaints. So if you want plus 4 for 40 caliber, it won't do the trick.

All around great product

Great product, reliable feeding, solid construction. only reason for the 4 stars is the spring for the base plate retainer fell out when i disassembled the base but luckly found it with a magnet

Gamers use caution.

Function is fine, however these do not end up being legal length for USPSA 140 mm restrictions.

not +4 lie advertised.

The basepad is solid.
<br>My only issue like others is they do not allow +4 for .40 caliber rounds. I can only get two additional rounds.

Innovative Design

These are the best base pads for Glock mags I have ever used. They’re easy to install, and make maintenance a breeze. For 9mm they add +5 to a standard capacity Glock magazine. The base pad installs on an empty magazine body which simplifies the process immensely, and the ability to remove to spring and follower after the base pads are installed for cleaning is huge! The whole process only takes a few seconds. Highly recommended!!

Great Product but....

Why does Zev insist that it isn't compatible with G19 mags? I have two on G19 mags in my OZ9C and they work just fine. So, I guess you can say it works unexpectedly.