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Before contacting customer service, please take a few moments to review the frequently-asked questions below, which cover some of the more common questions asked by our customers.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

No, OEM internals will work as well. We do not warranty any aftermarket products not manufactured by ZEV.

Yes, our guiderod is captured with a loctited screw.

Billet Rifles are machined out of 7075- T651 Billet Aluminum, machined to precise specifications. Billet rifles also come with ambi mag and bolt release. Core Elite uses a Forged Aluminum upper and lower. Core Elite rifles do not include ambi options.

No, the spring provided with the basepads are too long to properly function in a compact sized magazine. They are only for G17/22 or G34/35 magazines.

The OZ9 Standard and Competition uses a 17 lb ISMI, while the OZ9C and OZ0cX uses a Compact 20 lb ISMI.

The Ultimate trigger kit comes with the Skeletonized striker to combine with the lighter striker springs found in our Adjustable Ultimate kit to prevent light primer strikes. The Drop-in kit will come with all the same springs and upgrades, but without the striker.

The Billet sets are manufactured in-house with Match grade tolerances, then mated together and inspected by our Quality team to insure perfect fit. Selling these components separately would create added work or potential gunsmith needs for our end user.

The Gen5 pro magwell does not work on newer Gen5 G19’s that do not have the half-moon cutout. Our ZEV Engineers are currently working on a revision to the magwell to accommodate these.

Currently the extend mag release is only for the Gen3 models. The Gen 4 variant does add texturing to help with more positive engagement of the button.

No, we no longer make ZEV Custom builds. You can usually find some of our old custom work on Gunbroker.

Currently, there is no ETA on the release of Gen5 Upper parts. For more info or sneak peeks on upcoming products, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

Yes, though we do not currently have an estimated release date.

Yes and no. The ejector housing is different between a Gen3 and Gen4. All other components are cross compatible.

The OZ9 Shorty grip with give your Standard OZ9 a more compact grip.

The OZ9 is compatible with our Gen3-4 G17 barrels. Both the Pro and Optimized barrels will function.

The OZ9 Standard will come with a 17lb recoil spring for optimal performance. If running a compensator or suppressor, we recommend the 11 lb spring or at minimum the 13lb spring.

The Striker spring on all our OZ9s will be the Pro Striker spring which is roughly 4-4.5lbs. All non-Combat model OZ9s will also come with the competition 2 and 3lb strikers to help lower spring weight for those looking for a competitive edge.

Due to rifle demand, we do not offer our bronze barrels separately.

It is not a silencer or suppressor; it is a diffuser made by Surefire called the “Warden”.

The OZ9 is not a California Roster firearm. The only exception is Military and LEO with a department approval letter.

Yes, we do! We offer a 20% discount to all active and retired Military and LEO personnel. Please contact our Customer Service Department to have your account updated.

We do not currently make any adapter plates for different optics. Our compatibility is currently as follows:

RMR Cuts
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Trijicon SRO
  • Holosun HS407C
  • Holosun HS507C
  • Holosun HS508T
Delta Point Pro Cut
  • Delta Point Pro
  • Sig Romeo 1

No, OEM Gen5 slides use a striker with a rounded striker tip.

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