Extended Magazine Release the SIG P365

SKU: MR-Z365
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The ZEV extended magazine release enables shooters to easily depress it and drop a magazine from their firearm without shifting their firing grip.


  • Compatible with both P365 and P365XL grip
  • Does not include spring or stopper. Reuse factory parts to install


0.25 oz
7.1 g

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Thumb and grip saver

I just got my Zev Octane 365 XL on the 29th of April. The release was ordered the next day. It has made a difference in getting the magazines out of the mag well and saving my thumb. And I don't have to let my master grip go.

Thumb and grip saver

I got my Zev Octane p365 xl and I love it. The magazine release is so hard to get a hold of without changing my grip. I found exactly what I was looking for. Something that I could reach.and push without changing my grip and hurting my thumb. Thank you for finishing my Zev Octane P365 XL.