Extended Magazine Release the SIG P365

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The ZEV extended magazine release enables shooters to easily depress it and drop a magazine from their firearm without shifting their firing grip.


  • Compatible with both P365 and P365XL grip
  • Does not include spring or stopper. Reuse factory parts to install



WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. More information


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Thumb and grip saver

I just got my Zev Octane 365 XL on the 29th of April. The release was ordered the next day. It has made a difference in getting the magazines out of the mag well and saving my thumb. And I don't have to let my master grip go.

Thumb and grip saver

I got my Zev Octane p365 xl and I love it. The magazine release is so hard to get a hold of without changing my grip. I found exactly what I was looking for. Something that I could reach.and push without changing my grip and hurting my thumb. Thank you for finishing my Zev Octane P365 XL.

Great modification

Works well. Perfect fit just like the OEM version. Hoping that Zev makes their own modules soon.


Easy install. Looks awesome. Improves control greatly. Substantial improvement over oem. Love it!

the good and something to be aware of

the mag release is great if you have smaller hands, makes the mag drop easy and fast, the extra ledge they added to the back of the release is a game changer. HOWEVER be aware that this same ledge on the back, depending on how you hold your strong hand thumb, the ledge corner may dig into your thumb not bad but its there. if you use thumbs up strong hand when two handed, no worries at all. When you strong hand single hand shooting is when you may feel this ledge, something to be aware of. All being said its the best mag release for the p365 that is made and that includes other 3rd party manufactures that are well known.

Most important accessory IMO

I love the 365XL but struggled to easily press and drop my mags without a big repositioning of my hands. This mag extender gives just the right amount of extra material to now consistently and easily drop the mags. It also doesn’t interfere with my safari land IWB holster. This is a must purchase if you’ve got big hands and struggling to drop the mags easily.

What a difference!!!

Today I just received my ZEV Z365 Extended Magazine Release for my Sig Sauer P365XL, and I Love it.

Easy install easy use

Got a 365XL and im a lefty. its not too stiff nor too loose. never accidentally dropped the mag but be aware to place it on tables on the opposite side or gently because it will most def hit the release. I have 0 complaints.

Works and fits Wilson Combat grip module

I haven't fired the gun since switching to the Wilson Combat grip module, But the Zev extended magazine release went on fine, and works fine with full and empty mags.

exactly what i was hoping it would be

nice overhang & super extended but not too much to affect handling/shooting