ZEV Large Frame Billet Receiver Set

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The ZEV Technologies Large Frame Billet Receiver Set was designed to complement the enhanced features of the ZEV rifle product line while retaining compatibility with SR25/DPMS pattern accessories to give you the most options for completing your build.

All receivers are precision-machined from solid billet aluminum and are held to extremely tight tolerances and high quality standards to ensure consistent fit and function. With its ambidextrous features, light weight, and superior finish, the ZEV Billet Receiver Set is the perfect foundation for any rifle build.

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Excellent Quality

I just picked this up for my next build, I have no shooting experience with it yet but I must say I am impressed with the quality. I typically build using Wilson Combat, Spikes Gen II's and recently VSeven billet sets. I think this is up there with the best out there, the fit and finish is impeccable. I own Larue & LMT and this build will most likely end up being one of my favorites. I highly recommend this billet set. Will add to this review once have some range time, but I would say if you're considering it. Just go ahead!

Better than anything I've ever used...

I’ve actually built this completely out, and shot it. I’ve now got 300 rounds through it and feel I can make a fair assesment on this upper/lower set. (See my YouTube review.)
<br>Although I was getting approx. half MOA with the Ascend Armory, I’m getting even less than that with the Zev set. This is a comparison that I did, with everything being the same between the two builds, except the upper and lowers from Zev, and Ascend Armory. I am also making my own handloads with 42.3 gr of H4831, on a Nosler 140gr RDF pill, seated at max mag-length. BCG is JP Enterprises full mass system, which also has a smaller diameter firing pin, too. David Tubbs AR10 buffer spring, and CTS buffer. The barrel that I utilized with both brand receivers is a Wilson Combat 6.5 Creedmoor 1&8 twist, SS, 24” fluted Super Sniper barrel. Although I do have a Silencerco Saker Trifecta muzzle device on the barrel, when shooting for the tighest groups possible, I made sure to shoot without it suppressed.