OZ9 Modular Build Kit, Compact Size, Black

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The O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit (MBK) offers complete customization to build your O.Z-9 from the ground up. Using compatible ZEV components, you get to pick and choose your ZEV slide, ZEV barrel, ZEV O.Z-9 grip, and ZEV O.Z-9 magwell to build the O.Z-9 that best fits your needs, whether its duty, concealed carry, competition or a week-end range gun.

Machined from a single block of 4140 alloy steel, the patented O.Z-9 internal steel receiver reduces the flex associated with polymer frames, has an integrated locking block and longer slide rails which provide more contact with the slide. This amounts to less felt recoil, less muzzle flip, faster follow up shots and improved accuracy.

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Superb craftsmanship

We recently received our first OZ9 Combat with both a standard size and compact grip. Our instructors have been putting the weapon thru it’s paces. The heart of the weapon is this trigger assembly and steel frame. The thought, design and execution of this innovative modular system is superb. We can drop it between the two grip sizes by removing one pin and have a choice of a full size grip or a compact ccw in less than a minute. No problems reported and it’s a tack-driver. Zev continues to impress. Can’t recommend them enough.