ZEV Extended Mag Release for 1st-3rd Gen, Small, Black

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The Zev Technologies&trade Extended Magazine Release for Glock® is easy to install and Machined from Billet Aluminum then Hard Anodized. This magazine release is a must for any Glock® owner. CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum. Black Hard Anodize Mag-release body. Textured button face. Black Hard Anodize button or Silver un-anodized button. Drop in replacement. ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance.

Note: Not compatible with the OZ9.


  • CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum Magazine release
  • Allen Wrench included


  • Glock 17 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 17C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 17L (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 19 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 19C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 22 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 22C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 23 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 23C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 24 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 24C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 26 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 27 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 31 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 31C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 32 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 32C (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 33 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 34 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 35 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 37 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 38 (1st - 3rd Gen)
  • Glock 39 (1st - 3rd Gen)


6061 Aluminum

Ratings & Reviews

Great product!

I originally purchased this product at the glockstore and after sending it back twice, once because the screws weren't set right and wouldn't tighten and twice because it was cut too short and wouldn't release the magazine. This product cost's a little bit more than some others but for the quality you get, and the time and hassle you save by not having to return a product multiple times, this is well worth it. This mag release was easy to install, looks nice, high quality, made accessing that hard to reach mag release on my gen 3's easier, it didn't interfere with my holster and IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME. I couldn't be happier with this product.

Awesome upgrade! (Note to users: acquire replacement screws)

I should start by saying that this is an awesome mag release; you cannot miss this thing! I was initially concerned that its size would cause me to unintentionally engage the mag release. This scenario never materialized, though. It also works with my Safariland 6365 holster. I don't know what kind of Hogwarts engineering magic ZT used to create such a huge mag release that doesn't impede operation, but I appreciate it! Now on the unfortunate reason for the downgrade. The button is held in place with a single miniature screw. If something happens to this screw (e.g., it shears or disappears), the benefits of the oversized release are lost. I'm a huge fan of redundancy when it can be applied effectively, so this is a single point of failure. You can still operate the firearm without the oversized thumb button but that comes at the price of reduced functionality. I’m writing this from experience! Please consider engineering another screw into the device or adding an extra to the kit.

Great design

I am in the process of building a Polymer 80 frame. I was surprised at finding a Zev Extended Mag Release for a price that fit my budget, I am glad I found it. The design overall is perfect for me. The button is positioned perfectly over the the release and the button felt good on my thumb, no slipping and did not feel bulky on my thumb.
<br>I plan on another build, once this one is complete and I recover funds. I will be adding another Zev mag release to that build as well, maybe with a colour change.

Worked great

love it does what it says


Just received my ZEV EXTENDED MAG RELEASE FOR 1ST-3RD GEN, SMALL, BLACK. It was super easy to install, and makes reloads a breeze. Have no problem carrying in my holster whatsoever (Sidecar). It will not release until pressed even while driving. Thanks Zev.

Very "extended"

I purchased this for one of my carry pistols thinking it would be similar to the Gen 4 extended mag release which Is the best I've ever owned . This way to much for me and it sticks out too far. I imagine it would be great for a competition firearm but isn't practical on my EDC stuff.

This is the new updated version! With the Zev logo!

Had to purchase this for 2 reasons, number 1 is because it serves its purpose. And the 2nd is because it looks awesome!

Very nice, easy install.

To the party that said it’s, “very extended” at least for my G34 it’s no more than maybe 1/16” proud of the stock release; maybe Gen 4’s are different here. If I have any gripe is that it’s more grabby than stock, it takes more pressure to drop the mag but over time I’m sure it’ll polish or the frame will.
<br>It looks great tho and takes some of the appearance of cheapness inherent to the Glock away.

Almost Perfect

I no longer need to change my grip to drop a mag, the only thing I don't like is that my mags don't lock into place unless I load them in very forcefully. Not a huge issue most of the time but it's a defensive firearm so there's always the possibility of needing to do a one handed reload which could be difficult. Fits fine in my We The People IWB holster for Glock 13 gen 3.


Superior design, materials, and workmanship. Easy drop-in to speed mag changes in competition. I do wish Zev made one 2-3mm shorter to give duty guns a better thumb purchase during emergency reloads. I would buy this again!

Tight fit

Extremely tight fit, which is good. The locks and function are excellent except for one thing. When inserting a magazine, I can feel it Rubbing during insertion just a wee bit too tight.

Best Mod ever

I've been a ZEV addict for awhile but the ext mag release paddle is hands down best mod I've ever used.. I have them almost on every weapon.. I currently am building a OZ9 and in search of one bad.. not sure ZEV is producing one for the OZ9 platform but the orig paddle doesn't fit.. I'm hoping they drop one soon.. ZEV FOR LIFE!!!!!!!