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Amy Abbott


Amy has been a certified law enforcement firearms instructor for 13 years. She is the owner of 556 Training Lab, an armorer, and an avid 3-gunner. Amy lives and trains year round in Alaska. Inventor of several pistol, rifle and shotguns drills, Amy develops standards and encourages shooters to train regardless of the weather.


Garett Schwindel


Garett Schwindel is the Owner / Operator at Kägwerks. Garett served in the elite 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He has a total of 14 deployments to both Iraq, and Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, PSD Operator, US. State Department Lead Firearms Instructor, and Shift leader for a Helo CSAR team. During his time as a lead State Department firearms instructor, he has trained thousands of US military and private contractors, as well as hundreds of foreign military and police. Over the last 3 years, he has trained US Special Operations Units, various SWAT teams and civilians. He served as vice president of a weapons design company, and is currently the President of a military solutions design company.

Roger Barrera

YouTube:Roger Barrera

Las Vegas Police Officer turned small business owner operating QVO Tactical with his close friends. Roger took his passion for art, video and photography and paired that with the skills he learned as a police officer to form QVO Tactical in 2013 creating quality Kydex holsters, providing firearms instruction and producing media content within the industry.

Danny Choi


Shooting photography and guns have been hobbies of Danny’s for years. Back in 2015, he combined the two and now does photography both professionally and personally with some of the top brands in the firearms industry.