ZEV Competition Spring Kit

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The Zev TechnologiesĀ© Competition Spring Kit contains a heavy trigger spring (heavier is better, as it assists with trigger pull), A reduced power firing pin spring, and a reduced power firing pin safety spring.

Installation of the ZEV Technologies competition spring kit provides a lighter and smoother trigger pull for your GlockĀ® use in conjunction with the ZEV Technologies pro connector for best performance.


  • A ZEV spring kit comes with one of each of the following, a two pound Striker spring, Firing Pin safety spring, & Trigger spring


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The Must Have Upgrade

This is hands down the best upgrade I have made to my Glock 34.
<br>My local shop Stoddards Range and Guns in Atlanta installed this for me in minutes and all I can say is you need this upgrade.
<br>Trigger pull was right at 3lbs when measured.

Stricker spring

It gave my glock smooth trigger pull and it is lighter but the primer striker spring does not hit the primers to set them off on all of them the first clip did not fire 5 of the 17 rounds

5Best product for your stock glock

Ran this kit in my old G17 and now my G19, thousands of rounds and never missed a beat. Although sometimes after cocking you can pull the main trigger back without pressing on the inner safety trigger, but other than that it makes shooting much more consistent.


Just installed competition spring kit and pro connector on my Glock 23. I polished all the connection points with a wool bit and metal polish on a rotary tool at low speed, then hand buffed. Took my trigger pull from over 6 lbs. (6.25 to 6.50 on wheeler scale) to a consistent 3 .25 lbs. Fired 3 mags of FMJ TRAINING ammo with no issues. Unbelievable difference for the money spent.